1. When we started our debt free journey we did have 2 separate accounts but we eventually moved to joint account for simplicity and our decision to use a debit card. It was purely for simplyfing our finances.

    We’d have been just fine I guess even with separate accounts albeit the overhead of tracking. I am with you on that I too won’t accept if someone tries to force something without understanding the why.

    I also believe the same needs to applied to other stuff Dave talks about especially investing using a Smartvestor Pro. I am a DIY investor and I don’t buy his argument on that.

    1. Something we just started doing in January was using mint to track our spending. We linked all accounts to mint so we can do a better job of tracking certain expenses. I already don’t like it much, so we’ll see if we keep doing it.

      Thanks so much for commenting. I love hearing about all of the success your family has had since becoming more involved in the personal finance community!

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