Be Inspired to Leave a Legacy


Leave a Legacy

Earlier this month we were blessed with the most perfect baby girl. Having spent many hours just staring at her has me thinking about what life may be like for her and her older brother when they grow up. I’m sure my thoughts are similar to most new parents.

Will they be more like their mom or me?

Are they going to hate me when they are a teenager?

How do I keep them on the right path in life?

And maybe the most important question, how do we leave a legacy for my kids and future generations?

To leave a legacy can mean different things to different people. For some of us it means raising happy, healthy, faithful, and successful children. For others it could mean making a lasting impact on an organization or cause. Regardless of our family situation, I believe we all have a desire deep down to leave our footprint in this world and make it a little better place after we’re gone.

I can’t help to think how lucky my children are to grow up in a family where we hopefully won’t have to struggle with money. At the same time, I question where the line should be drawn so they have to learn some money lessons the hard way. Nobody wants to raise little spoiled brats. The goal will be to instill strong financial principles they can carry over into adulthood. Continue reading “Be Inspired to Leave a Legacy”

Overcome Fear by Asking One Simple Question


Overcoming Fear

I have struggled with fear my whole life. I’m not sure where I picked it up. Maybe it’s something that is hard wired in me. If fact, I think fear is hard wired in many of us. Those who have overcome fear have had to work really hard at it. Up until my mid to late 20s I believed that failure under any circumstances was unacceptable. This limited my willingness to take reasonable risks in life, weather personal or professional.

One of the great things about reading books and blogs is you get to learn from the life experiences of others. A common theme emerged once I started reading about successful individuals. Almost all had gone through at least one significant failure in their lives. While this is common knowledge to me now, I was mind blown at the time. How did I not realize this?

Famous Failures

There are so many famous failure examples. Thomas Edison was once told by a teacher that he was “too stupid to learn”. Oprah was fired from her first TV job. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Imagine if these individuals would have given up and quit. How many people destined for greatness actually have given up and quit in the face of failure?

My change in attitude towards failure occurred right around the time I started taking an interest in personal finance in 2011. Coincidence? Probably not. I’m sure there was overlap as I started reading more books and listening to podcasts on related topics. Continue reading “Overcome Fear by Asking One Simple Question”

Who Are You to Give Personal Finance Advice?


Who Are You to Give Personal Finance Advice?

After three months of blogging, I have been asking myself the following question. Who are you to give personal finance adviceMy negative inner voice likes to whisper these sweet nothings into my ear. The more I think about it, my inner voice is asking a good question. Besides living below my means and saving some money in retirement funds, I haven’t done anything special.

On the flip side, my inner voice occasionally asks rational questions such as the following. Who is the primary audience for this personal finance blog?

Well, I’m glad my inner voice asked this one. For years my inner voice has been encouraging me to find an outlet to discuss personal finance topics. Let’s face it, talking about money is taboo in our culture right along side politics and religion. Opportunities to discuss money in the real world are limited, so why not take it to the digital world? When you’ve found the secret to financial prosperity that so many others are blind to, how can I not want to share it? Live below your means, pay off debt, and invest. Simple, right?

Losing Focus

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. As recently as 2015 we spent more than $30,000 in vehicles in one year. We even took out loans to finance the vehicles. After the feeling of guilt washed over us, we then started paying the cars off aggressively. Continue reading “Who Are You to Give Personal Finance Advice?”

The Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage: journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of  religious devotion

So let’s break this down. Anyone who has pursued financial freedom knows that it’s more than a trip or adventure. There is no easy path (unless you are a trust fund baby) and the vast majority of us have a huge upward climb to get there. The math can be relatively easy for individuals who make an average to above average wage. The hard part is resisting the temptations that are in front of us every day. Even harder is sticking with something for a long period of time and delaying gratification. It is all of these things, and that’s part of the reason why I landed on the term pilgrimage for this blog.

The pursuit of financial freedom is definitely a journey, and for most of us a long one. Once you get there I’ve been told it most certainly is a sacred place. The act of religious devotion part is debatable, though if I thought long enough about it I’m sure I could come up with something intelligent. There are more references to money in the bible than just about anything in life, so while the purpose of this blog is absolutely not to worship money, I do believe that money can allow us to lead a more purposeful life regardless if our calling is of religious devotion or not.

Our financial pilgrimage started back in 2011. And here we are today still on the journey six years later. Continue reading “The Pilgrimage”