When Can I Retire? Choosing an Early Retirement Date

I was frustrated seeing so many coworkers and friends going into debt at a young age, spending money they didn’t have to impress people they didn’t even know.

We had already made great progress by 2017 and were in the final stages of paying off the mortgage. The blog ended up holding us accountable during the final stretch.

The thing is, I don’t want to have the pressure of doing any of these things while having to worry about making a living from them.

When Can I Retire from Corporate Life? 

So I will not put myself first above what is best for them. What is best for them and me is to continue doing what I’m doing for the foreseeable future.

If that doesn’t sound like an early retirement date, Twitter thinks otherwise, and we all know that Twitter polls are an absolute fact.

Is Retiring at Age 55 Early Retirement?

There are a few reasons why this date makes sense.

- Kids Will Be Out of High School - Health Insurance - We Should Have Enough Money

When Can I Retire?

With all this being said, one of my other sayings is that humans are notoriously bad at predicting what we want to do in five years or more.

This is one of the reasons why up until this point, I’ve put almost zero thought into a retirement date. Regardless, it’s good to have some plan, even if that changes.

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