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Student Loan Forgiveness Is a Bad Idea

Student loan forgiveness is one of the more popular political topics in our current environment. It was announced in April 2022 that student loan payments would remain on hold until August 2022.

The announcement sparked additional discussion about forgiving federal student loans altogether. On the surface, student loan forgiveness sounds like a good idea.

Student loan forgiveness releases borrowers from their obligation to repay part or all of their federal student loan debt.

The Student Loan Landscape

Student loan debt makes up the second-largest amount of debt in the United States, behind mortgage debt. As of 2021, student loan debt totaled $1.75 trillion.

If student loan forgiveness were to happen, this begs the question of who would benefit the most?  The answer is those in the upper half of the income distribution and those with graduate degrees. 

Do the Short-term Benefits Exceed the Long-term Consequences?

The short-term benefits of student loan forgiveness are clear, and release borrowers from the burden of having to repay loans for college. 

In addition, student loan forgiveness would provide young borrowers with money to buy their first home or new car. In turn, these things stimulate the economy.

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