Why You Need Property Insurance 

Here are the top five reasons that you should absolutely spend the money on property insurance  (renters or homeowners) as someone with a family…

#1: You protect everything that you worked so hard for.

Think about everything that your family owns. You likely spent many years accumulating your items. You had to save up and spend your hard-earned money on your possessions. You’ve worked long hours to build up what you have right now.

#2: You’re covered if an accident causes damages.

Imagine being hit with an expense close to $10k out of nowhere? That could destroy your entire financial situation. Your family would be in financial trouble.

#3: You’re protected if a friend were to get injured on your property.

Property insurance has coverage for the medical bills for others. This means that your insurance would pay for those medical bills up to the coverage limits.

#4: You’ll have somewhere to stay.

Your loss of use coverage will allow you to stay in a hotel or a suitable Airbnb unit. You will have meals covered and any other expenses related to this move (parking, dry cleaning, and so on). In addition, your family will have somewhere to say during the period where the unit is being repaired.

#5: You cover yourself legally.

A standard property insurance policy comes with $100,000 in liability coverage to protect you legally. This should help you sleep easier at night since you would be protected in the event of any legal situation. That’s why property insurance could bail your family out and is an expense that you shouldn’t try to avoid.

How can you save money on property insurance?

The beauty of property insurance is that you can customize it to fit your budget and lifestyle. There are so many different insurance companies and policies out there that you should never feel like you have to settle.  How can you save money on this expense?

Shop around for your insurance needs.

You don’t have to sign up with the first renter’s insurance policy that you find. You can shop around. There are so many options out there. Additionally, you can obtain a variety of quotes online in minutes.

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