Why Large Companies are Great For Young Professionals

The many advantages of working for a large company have allowed me to grow professionally, increase pay, and develop a strong network.

Six Advantages of Working for a Large Company

Working for a large organization allows you to try many different things. Eventually, by taking action and trying other things, you’ll find the meaningful work that fills your soul. And it would be best if you didn’t settle until you find that. Below are several additional benefits of working for a large organization.

Growth and Development Opportunities

You can grow all of these skills by working for yourself as well. However, when you have an opportunity to work in an organization with more experienced professionals, you may find yourself in a better position to learn these skills from others. You’ll learn so much simply by surrounding yourself with great leaders.

Opportunity to Begin Investing in Retirement Early

The earlier in life you can take advantage of compounding interest, the better. Many organizations even offer retirement matching options (free money). If you invest a few thousand dollars into a 401(k) for a few years early in your career, you’ll set yourself up with a strong foundation.

Ability to Change Jobs and Gain Different Experiences

I have worked for the same organization for 12 years. During this time, I’ve had at least six different jobs of increasing responsibility and have tripled my salary since starting. Navigating an organization can be a little tricky, but it can be very beneficial if done right.

Steady Salary to Pay Down Debt and Establish an Emergency Fund

Setting a strong financial foundation is paying down debt and establishing an emergency fund. Dave Ramsey’s baby steps are the roadmap. If you are naturally a risk-averse person like me, reducing your debt and having a backstop of savings may allow you to take additional risks if you ever decide to step away from your traditional job.

Health Insurance and Other Benefits

One of the most significant barriers to entrepreneurship in the United States is the lack of affordable health care. Most companies will provide subsidized health insurance, which is critical if you have a substantial medical expense. With that being said, health insurance is just one benefit offered by large organizations.

Runway to Establish a Side Business

If you already have a job that pays your bills, you’ll have the opportunity to establish a side business with relatively low risk. Set up your business by becoming a nighttime or weekend warrior.

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