5 Tips for Owning A Vacation Home With Family

If you were to ask ten people if owning a vacation home with family is a good idea, the majority would say no way.

We all know that family dynamics can complicate just about anything, so the thought of going in on a vacation home together can be downright scary.

Given our financial situation at the time, I wasn’t wild about the idea but decided to take the plunge anyway.

Owning a Vacation Home With Family

Before heading into any arrangement such as this one, you must have 100% trust that everyone in the deal will act in the best interest of the group.

There MUST Be Trust


I know that weird things start to happen when money is involved in family matters. If there is any indication of that potentially happening, it’s not the best idea to own a vacation home with family.

Setting expectations upfront may sound simple but it is so important. First, you must sit down with all family members to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Set Expectations Upfront


Use a Shared Calendar for Scheduling

Speaking of scheduling, it only takes a few minutes to set up a google calendar that everyone in your family can access.


Have a Checklist for Arrival and Departure

A checklist is helpful for all of us and even more so in cases where we rent the place out.


The arrival checklist includes items such as turning on the water, hot water heater, and ice maker.

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