Examples of Unique Side Hustles to Make Money

Side hustling is a great way to make extra cash and build skills. Working side gigs has been part of my lifestyle since I was a teenager.

Initially, side hustles were a way to make a little money for video games, baseball cards, and other fun toys.

This is still an excellent way for teenagers to make money. Add to the list shoveling snow during the winter, and you can make a decent amount of money.

Lawn Mowing Service

eBay Flipping Business

My primary sources of inventory were dollar stores and garage sales. My best selling items were videos and computer games.

So how do you turn online poker into a side hustle? The easy answer is to win more money than you lose, but it’s not that simple, of course.

Online Poker

Managing your bankroll in poker is essential to running a profitable poker side hustle. Nobody ever wins all the time in online poker, but if you can find the games where you win more than you lose, it can be profitable.

Hiring people is one of the most important things you can do as a manager in corporate America, so having this experience gave me a leg up over other inexperienced managers.

Freelance Recruiting

That brings us to my current side hustle: blogging. I guess you can call it a side hustle as it’s by far been my least profitable one to date.


This blog will still mainly be a hobby that I work on a few hours a week, but I’m also excited about treating it a bit more like a business. We’ll see where it goes after a few years!

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