Tips to Make Money From Garage Sale Flipping in the New Year

The term side hustle wasn’t a common phrase back then, but that’s what I was looking to do instead of a typical job. Garage sale flipping allowed me to make decent money on a flexible schedule.

Pick a few specialty areas and get to know them well.

Before getting started with garage sale flipping, you should do your research on eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, or wherever you choose to list your items. Spending a few hours beforehand on your specialty areas will prepare you as you quickly move through garage sales.


Seek out neighborhood garage sales.

Going to Facebook Marketplace and searching for keywords such as “subdivision,” “annual,” or “neighborhood,” can quickly point you in the direction of the larger sales in the area.


Show up early!

Getting there the night before or too early in the morning can be disrespectful, so I tend to wait until the official starting time to show up. More aggressive garage sale veterans may disagree with my thoughts on not showing up before the official starting time.


Focus on smaller items for simpler shipping.

Shipping can be a huge pain if you run a smaller operation. Nowadays, I tend to focus on purchasing items that can fit into a large yellow envelope. For example, DVDs and video games are easy to prepare and ship.


Utilize your smartphone. 

This goes without saying, but take advantage of your smartphone when looking for items to resell. I usually have the eBay app up with the proper filters (e.g., completed or sold items) as I browse garage sales.


Make an offer.

The majority of the time garage sale hosts are willing to take less than the original price. Don’t waste your time negotiating 50 cent items down to 25 cents. However, negotiating a $20 item down to $10 can make a big difference.


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