Financial Pilgrimage

Tips for Surviving the Next Recession

Most economists, CEOs, and other business and finance experts agree that a recession is coming. You’re probably thinking, “Really? Didn’t we just have a recession?” 

If the experts are correct and there’s a recession on the way, the following will prove to be the best way to make it through without losing your fortune:

Take a day or two to analyze and scrutinize your business dealings, investments, and other key components of your portfolio. Identify pieces that carry more risk than you’re willing to take into a recession. 


Generally speaking, diversifying your investments makes it harder to lose money. That’s because everything is less likely to drop at once, which happens when you put all your eggs into one basket. 


Those gearing up for an economic downturn should start saving as much as possible. For instance, take the money from selling stocks and tuck it into a CD for the following year.



Given the likelihood of a short-term recession on the way, we aren’t suggesting any major lifestyle adjustments. But if the choice is between bullish displays of wealth or bearish retreats into frugality, we highly recommend the latter whenever there are whispers of recession. 

That’s the beauty of a recession; it gives you time to stop and think about your current financial situation. Then, please take it as an opportunity to improve your understanding of markets and elevate your financial acumen.

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