The Best Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

The rising cost of college tuition continues to result in individuals taking out a record amount of student loans. As a result, student loans continue to be a significant barrier for young families.

College tuition continues to rise faster than wages and inflation, which is a trend that can’t be sustainable long-term.

Three Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

I know college costs continue to increase, but you can still attend college at a reasonable price if you have some flexibility and drive.

Community college allows a much cheaper option for your first two years of college. Unfortunately, community colleges are not available in every state.

Consider Going to Community College 


I graduated from one of the lowest-ranked schools in my state. Yet, I’ve never found this a barrier to my career growth.

Consider an In-State or Lower Cost University 


It will take work to get a scholarship or grant, but the payoff can be huge. I ended up getting a 5th-year scholarship as I needed to go an extra semester to complete my undergraduate degree.


Look for Scholarships

There were dozens of other students who could have benefited from the scholarship, but they either didn’t proactively seek it out or didn’t put the work in to complete the application.

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