The FIRE Movement Needs More Mainstream Media Attention on This

The fact that the FIRE movement is getting so much attention is great. However, I do wonder what impression these articles are leaving with people outside of the personal finance community.

FIRE stands for “Financially Independent, Retire Early”. The headline that gets readers to click is the RE part of FIRE.

Maybe I’m missing it but I’ve yet to come across a mainstream article that promotes the generosity side of the FIRE movement.

The Media Needs to Focus More on This…

The Benefits of Giving

It makes us appreciate the gifts that we have, especially for those of us in first world countries.

When Should You Start Giving?

The answer is simple. You should start giving now. Only you can determine the appropriate amount or percentage to give.

Community Members Who are Giving Generously

Starting small and thinking big will allow you to feel the pull of gratitude. Giving all starts with the right mindset.

Generosity in the FIRE Movement

I’m a believer that we should all find a way to give back in some way. This can be with money, time, or even blood (literally).

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