Best Budgeting Apps of 2022

Budgeting apps are a great way to help manage your finances and keep track of where your money is going.

What Are Budgeting Apps?

Budgeting apps are typically free or offered at a meager cost compared to other financial management tools such as Excel spreadsheets, Quicken software packages, and so on.


It’s free to use and helps you track your spending, income, debts, and investments all in one place.


You Need a Budget – YNAB

Overall, YNAB is easy-to-use because it also offers tutorials on budgeting appropriately based on your needs and set financial goals.



What makes Cleo fun to use is its personality. It will connect to a Facebook message, and you can ask Cleo questions about your finances, and it will answer you.


Personal Capital

If you are looking for an app to help with retirement planning, this could be the right app for you.


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