How We’re Teaching Our Kids About Money

Teaching money to a five-year-old isn’t easy, though this post goes over the strategy we are using to have money lessons sink in at a young age, hopefully.

How We’re Teaching our Kids about Spending, Investing, and Giving

The point isn’t to strictly enforce the process at this point. It’s more to help him connect between doing work and making money.

How We’re Teaching Stock Investing

We purchased two individual stocks via the Robinhood app with his savings. This wasn’t his decision, but he also didn’t push back against the decision.

How We’re Teaching Generosity

I explained that he could sometimes make extra money by helping out with side jobs. He’s been excited by this and occasionally asks to help out around the house.

How Are You Teaching Kids about Money?

I’m hoping that we can ensure our children are financially literate when they grow up by being intentional.

We still have a long way to go in this parenting thing, and every stage so far has had challenges. I know it gets more complex once they begin approaching the teenage years.

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