Slow Financial Independence is the Best Path to Being a Millionaire

Too often, those pursuing FI are portrayed as sacrificing everything today for the possibility of a better life tomorrow.

Slowing Our Pursuit of Financial Independence

We have made similar choices to slow down and enjoy life instead of sprinting to financial independence.

We Moved to a Single Income

We have decided to prioritize family and time spent together over our pursuit of FI. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a high bar set for our financial goals.


We Give Away 10% of Our Take Home Pay

There are so many less fortunate than we are, and it’s a privilege to be able to give back to people or organizations that truly need help.


We Go On Vacation

Nothing can replace the memories we’ve created on these trips with our young children.


We Do Not Budget

Our budgeting approach is known as the anti-budget (credit Paula Pant at Afford Anything).


The anti-budget involves automating your finances to pay yourself first (save, invest, and give), then pay your bills, then spend anything left on whatever you want.

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