Tips to Make Money from Garage Sale Flipping

The term side hustle wasn’t a common phrase back then, but that’s what I was looking to do instead of a typical job. Garage sale flipping allowed me to make decent money on a flexible schedule.

One way I made extra money was by playing online poker. I wasn’t the best poker player, but I was decent enough to profit a few hundred dollars a month.

My College Side Hustles

My other side hustle was reselling items on eBay via garage sale flipping. This is where I made most of my side hustle money in college.

Most of my dollar store and garage sale purchases were smaller wins. For example, videos purchased for $1 would often resell for $8 to $10 on eBay.

Garage Sale Flipping Wins

At garage sales, I usually did well with video games, board games, VHS/DVDs, athletic equipment, and sports memorabilia. For example, I once came across a copy of a rare Super Nintendo game called Mega Man X3.

Take advantage of your smartphone when looking for items to resell. As I browse garage sales, I usually have the eBay app up with the proper filters (e.g., completed or sold items).

Utilize your smartphone.

Negotiating a $20 item down to $10 can make a big difference. People also seem to be more willing to lower the price if you are purchasing multiple items.

Make an offer

Negotiation is a great skill to have in many aspects of life. Going to garage sales is a great way to practice this skill.

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