Consider Using Autopay for These Six Bills

Paying bills is a pain. We’re not talking about the pressure to make enough money to pay the bills – that’s stressful too – but sitting down and paying each bill individually is time-consuming.

Bills that vary each month or are subject to sudden rate hikes should be paid the traditional way. These include things like utilities and subscriptions. But accounts that are the same every month are ideal.

Auto payments for credit cards should be a top priority. Setting up autopay is the best way to manage credit card debt, whether the minimum monthly payment or a more considerable amount to pay off the balance faster.

Credit Cards

Assuming you have a family plan with data caps and other restrictions, your monthly mobile bill will be the same. That makes it a good candidate for autopay.


Setting up auto payments will prove helpful given the importance of home internet – especially with so many of us working from home and attending virtual classes.


With so much uncertainty in the world today, it’s nice to know you can count on health insurance to help you and your loved ones cover the cost of medical treatment.

Health Insurance

Since going without car insurance is reckless and illegal, you might want to sign up for automatic payments from here on out. Doing so will keep you out of jail and probably reduce the premium.

Auto Insurance

Student loan debt will follow you until you pay it off or die. Since that’s a monkey nobody wants on their back longer than necessary, we suggest scheduling monthly auto payments for your student loans.

Student Loans

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