My List of Unique Side Hustles Over the Years

Side hustling is a great way to make extra cash and build skills. Working side gigs has been part of my lifestyle since I was a teenager.

Lawn Mowing Service

In what may be the original side hustle, at the young age of 14, my friend and I started our own lawn mowing business. The term “business” may be a stretch as we only had three or four clients. Regardless, it was enough to make us $100 or $200 a month. That amount of money seemed like a lot as a teenager.

eBay Flipping Business

This was in the mid-2000s in an era before smartphones and before anyone talked about flipping. My main sources of inventory were dollar stores and garage sales. My best selling items were videos and computer games.

Online Poker

My approach started with studying poker. I read two or three books and immediately put what I learned into practice. After finding out which games were most profitable and the ones I was best at, I went “all in” and primarily played those games.

Freelance Recruiting

Recruiting can be a very lucrative business. Recruiters can make anywhere between 15% and 30% of a candidate’s first year salary. Recruiting can also be a very frustrating business. Even though you get paid very well when landing a candidate, you’ll work more overall for candidates that don’t get placed.


My plan is to take any money that I make and invest it back into the blog. I plan to start treating the blog more like a business with the goal of growing sustainable traffic.

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