Money Borrowing Apps: Here Are the Best Apps for Quick Cash in 2022

If you need money but can’t get access to it quickly enough, you could find your financial situation quickly getting out of hand.

What is a Money Borrowing App?

A money borrowing app is a type of service that lets you borrow a small amount of money from your next paycheck before you receive it.


This paycheck advance app allows you to easily borrow against your next paycheck without needing to pay any transaction fees or interest payments.



Dave is an app designed for people worried about overdraft fees or who don’t want to go into the red on their bank accounts.



Differing slightly from the previous two money borrowing apps, Brigit is more of a budgeting tool that also offers cash advances to help you stretch your funds even further in times of need.



Current is a mobile cash advance app that serves as a short-term checking account for when you need liquidity. With Current, you’ll be able to get paid a whole two days earlier!


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