How Life Has Changed Since Becoming  Mortgage-Free

After seven long years of paying down debt, we officially achieved complete debt freedom! I’m still not sure if this has completely sunken in yet.

How Has Our Life Changed After Becoming Mortgage Free?

Below are a few ways that our life has changed and will potentially since becoming mortgage free.  

We Became a Single Income Family

In an era where many families require two working parents to make ends meet, being mortgage free has provided us with the possibility of moving to a single income family. 

We Remodeled Our Kitchen

In hindsight, we should have saved up more money before moving forward with the kitchen remodel. We ended up nearly doubling our original budget and as a result burned through the majority of our emergency fund.

We are Rebuilding Our Emergency Fund and Saving for Rental Property

Right now our family of four is living on a little more than $3,000 per month. Our plan is to have six months of emergency savings, and therefore an emergency fund of $20,000.

We are Maxing Retirement Accounts and Giving 10 Percent

Something we take a lot of pride in is giving away 10 percent of our take home pay. We are so grateful to be in our financial situation and the least we can do is give back even if that slows our path to financial independence.

We are Focusing More on Travel

Since becoming mortgage free we have taken trips to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Branson, Dallas, and several trips to the Lake of the Ozarks. 

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