How To Upgrade Your Interior Doors in 2023

This story will take you through the steps to make your old wood doors look new for less than $100 per door. Click the link below to see the full details!

Step 1: Remove Door from Hinges and Prep Door

Be sure to wipe down the door to remove any dust before getting started. If your door has any blemishes that you’d like to smooth over, now would be a great time to apply joint compound (mud) to fill in any gaps. Don’t worry about being perfect when applying as you’ll be sanding down the area a couple of times.

Step 2: Prime the Door

Before you start priming you’ll want to wipe down the door and sand it. Make sure you sand down the sides of the doors as well. I used 120 grit sandpaper and this relatively inexpensive Ryobi sander. You can also sand by hand if you don’t have a sanding tool. After you sand and wipe down the surface, it’s now time to apply the first coat of primer.

After applying two coats of primer, the next step is applying two coats of paint. It’s very important that you choose the right kind of paint. It’s best not to use flat or eggshell paint as they are not as durable. We used high-quality semi-gloss paint made by Valspar.

Step 3: Add Trim to Door

What puts the finishing touch on the door is the trim. Going in, I was skeptical about how this trim would look when finished.  After adding this trim to several doors, I can say that it really does make a huge difference.

Once the paint on the trim dries it’s time to add the doorknobs and hinges.Applying your hardware is relatively straightforward. Screw on the hinges and make sure any new doorknobs fit into the old slots. Put them on the same way you took them off. Once the hardware is on and you rehang the door, it’s time to enjoy your beautiful new door!

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