How to Make $20,000 as a Freelance Executive Recruiter

In the end, the most significant benefit to recruiting wasn’t the money. It was the skills that I learned and applied to my day job.

freelance recruiting helped me pick up on the nuances that separate average candidates from strong ones. This is something that only comes with experience and repetition.

What Is a Freelance Recruiter Anyway?

Freelance recruiting is a side hustle you don’t hear much about in the personal finance community. The job of a recruiter is to fill open positions for companies.

How Do Recruiting Firms Make Money?

In almost all cases, recruiters are paid by the company/client. Recruiting fees are generally based on a candidate’s starting salary.

The Life of a Freelance Recruiter

For example, my business partner had several freelance recruiters working for him. He’d assign it to one of us whenever a job opening came in.

Typically that meant either actively recruiting through LinkedIn or more passively recruiting by making a job posting on Indeed and then screening resumes.

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