Harry and Meghan’s Royal Guide to Financial Independence

Here at Financial Pilgrimage we help young families pay down debt and live financially free. So, let’s go over a few things since you’re new to this whole financial independence movement.

Ex-Royal Family

First of all, let’s acknowledge the fact that getting cut off from your royal family is a tough situation. You’ve had that steady stream of income coming in for years and now nothing.

Royal Money

People will never fully understand those of us who are supported by the crown. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get to it. After more than 15 years of supporting myself, I can share a few words of wisdom as you begin your pursuit of financial independence.

Reduce Lifestyle Inflation

My suggestion is RV life. Many FI people swear by it. You can get a 40 foot hotel on wheels and cruise around England like you own the place (still). You’d probably get your own reality TV show as well which would be a great side hustle.

Make a Budget

We’re never going to get you down to $30,000 a year so let’s try to get you down to something much more manageable for ex-royalty. Say $1,000,000 annually. That should be more than enough to support your RV life and buy plenty of crumpets.

Invest in Your 409(k)

Recently I’ve been made aware of another retirement savings option called the 409(k) that one can only assume is the British equivalent. You will save bigly on taxes. Please search 409(k) on Twitter or Google for more information on this one.

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