Tips to Make Money from Garage Sale Flipping

The term side hustle wasn’t a common phrase back then, but that’s what I was looking to do instead of a typical job. Garage sale flipping allowed me to make decent money on a flexible schedule.

Garage Sale Flipping Wins

Most of my dollar store and garage sale purchases were smaller wins. For example, videos purchased for $1 would often resell for $8 to $10 on eBay.

Pick a few specialty areas and get to know them well.

Even with smartphones, having specialty areas will allow you to move quickly through garage sales and identify the more valuable items.


Seek out neighborhood garage sales.

Finding great deals at garage sales is all about volume. You need to be able to move quickly from house to house


Show up early!

Most anything decent at a garage sale will be gone before 10 am, if not earlier. There will be others looking to resell items, so it will be essential to beat them to it.


Focus on smaller items for simpler shipping.

Many eBay vendors offer free shipping, so it is important to keep shipping and packaging costs minimum.


Utilize your smartphone. 

Most people don’t seem to care if you are looking up items on your phone, though I’ve found it does make the negotiation process more challenging.


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