Broke at 30 Years Old to  Millionaire By 40

There are many reasons for turning our financial story around. It’s a mix of hard work and some luck.   We set what at the time was a crazy goal of becoming a millionaire at 40.

Early 30s

Our early 30s were all about going all in to pay down our non-mortgage debt. For us, this mainly consisted of student loan debt.

Of the nearly $200,000 in debt, around $100,000 was mortgage debt, and the rest were student loans, car payments, and other smaller debts (credit cards, cell phones, etc.).


With debt decreasing and income increasing, we went from being buried in debt to having space to start saving and investing.

Late 30s

At the age of 37 (my wife 34), we were completely debt free including our mortgage, had two children under the age of 5, and had moved to a single income.

What’s Next in My 40s?

The focus now goes into developing passive income streams, while still maxing our tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

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