Here are 4 Ways Our Family is Trying to Address Racism

It has taken me three drafts and many re-writes to finally hit publish on this post about how our family is planning to address racism.

Ensure my Kids Have Exposure to People of Different Backgrounds

I want my kids to grow up knowing that even though we may be different we should still love one another.

To try to focus more on diversity instead of cultural fit, which can sometimes be at odds. I want to help pull up the people around me that need the most help.

Hire, Mentor, and Promote Minoritie

Vote in Local Elections to Address Racism

What I personally believe is that voting is the single most effective way for most of us regular citizens to make meaningful change in society.

To make sure I don’t skip local elections in the future. And to vote for politicians and policies that will make meaningful change to eliminate racism.

Get Involved With Our Church

I’ve appreciated how the church we go to has not tip-toed around racism. It’s addressed it head on while acknowledging the shortcomings of our church.

4 Things We’re Doing to Address Racism

Racism is a messy and complex issue with a deep history. At the same time, I think we vastly undervalue the impact that micro changes can have over time.

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