6 Tips to Make Money from Garage Sale Flipping

People will always have garage sales to quickly get rid of their junk. With a little experience and patience, you will come across the right items to make money. Below are a few tips to make decent money by reselling items found at garage sales on eBay.

1) Pick a few specialty areas and get to know them well.

There is an advantage to picking a few specialty areas and knowing those areas really well.

2) Seek out neighborhood garage sales.

Finding great deals at garage sales is all about volume. You need to be able to move quickly from house to house. Once you have experience, as soon as you walk up to a garage sale you’ll know if it is a dud or potential gold mine.

3) Show up early!

Most anything decent at a garage sale will be gone before 10 am, if not earlier. There will be others out there looking to resell items so it will be important to beat them to it.

4) Focus on smaller items for simpler shipping.

Items such as DVDs and video games are usually light enough to be shipped first class and you can package them in a basic bubble wrap envelope that can be bought in bulk.

5) Utilize your smartphone. 

This goes without saying, but take advantage of your smartphone when looking for items to resell. 

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