500 VTSAX Shares Will Buy You These Top Five Companies

The Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTSAX) is the golden child of the financial independence movement. Why stress about picking individual stocks when you can own all of them? 

This begs the question: How many of the biggest companies do I own with 500 VTSAX shares?

What was most surprising was how much of each share of VTSAX is made up of these three stocks. Even though VTSAX comprises about 3,700 stocks, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Tesla make up nearly 16% of every share of VTSAX.

What Do You Own With VTSAX?

In today’s dollars, an investment of $58,500 (or 500 VTSAX shares) means that you’ll own nearly $10,000 in five of the largest holdings in VTSAX.

With every share of VTSAX you buy, about $6 is going to the big companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Even on a smaller scale, nearly $2 goes towards Facebook and Tesla. That translates into being an owner of nearly 20 shares of Apple stock, eight shares of Microsoft, etc.

Many of these large tech companies do not pay dividends. It helps explain why the dividend yield for VTSAX is relatively low compared to other equity-heavy index funds.

Other VTSAX Companies

Other companies include Alphabet Class A (1.66%), Alphabet Class C (1.565), Berkshire Hathaway (1.09%), NVIDIA (1.07%), and JP Morgan Chase (1.06%). If you include these five companies with the companies, the top 10 holdings in VTSAX account for 22.3%.

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