14 Great Ways to Make Money as a Kid

There are numerous ways to make money as a kid that doesn’t require an excessive commitment of time or energy

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands have long been a go-to source of pocket money for entrepreneurial kids. And for good reason. All you need is some sunny weather, a sign promoting your wares, and a winning recipe for fresh lemonade!


Working as a babysitter/nanny is another classic way to make money when you’re young. It’s relatively straightforward to land the job!



Dog Walking

Think of all the people who own a dog in your neighborhood who lack time to take them for a proper walk each day. We guarantee there’s a lot of them!


Flipping Items

“Flipping” simply means reselling something at a profit. It is a perfect option for anyone (no matter how old you are!) with an entrepreneurial side, and it can be a quick way to make money and learn a thing or two about business in the process.



All someone needs to start their journey to YouTube stardom is a video camera, editing software, and a can-do attitude. Don’t expect to make money overnight, but with time, patience, and consistency, you’ll soon hone your craft.


Sell Digital Goods

Nothing is stopping you from designing, making, and selling your digital products via the internet (for example, via your website or on services like Fiverr). From posters and CD covers to e-books and entire courses, the options for earning money are endless.


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