11 Ways to Use Stimulus Payments to Help Your Community

There is a third category of individuals that may not necessarily need the stimulus money to get by or build an emergency fund. This group includes families that have emergency savings, no or low interest debt, money in retirement accounts, and more stable jobs.

1) Give to a Local Food Bank or Homeless Shelter

Food banks and homeless shelters are always one of the first places impacted by any type of financial or health crisis. Families already on the brink of disaster may find themselves in challenging situations where they are just trying to feed their families.

2) Order Takeout or Buy Gift Cards from Local Restaurants

Using some of your stimulus payments to order takeout or buy gift cards would be an excellent investment in your community to keep these restaurants going in a difficult situation.

3) Give to Someone Really in Need

You may know someone personally that has been significantly impacted by the current pandemic. Giving someone a few hundred dollars may be exactly what they need to get through the next few months. 

4) Order Pizzas for Your Local Hospital Staff

We are all well aware of the sacrifices health professionals are making during the current pandemic. Ordering pizza for your local hospital staff is more about providing a gesture of appreciation than providing nourishment.

5) Donate to a Local Church

When we were trying to figure out where to attend church as a family, one of the most important factors to us was finding a church that was generous and out in the community making a difference.

6) Hire a Landscaper or Contractor

While hiring a contractor to do work inside your house may be complicated given the social distancing guidance, this may be a great time to hire someone to do work on the outside of your home.

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