11 Ways to Spend Your Stimulus Payments

My challenge is that you resist that urge and explore ways to put that money back into your community. Here are a few ideas recommended by others in the personal finance community.

Give to a Local Food Bank or Homeless Shelter

Most food banks and homeless shelters are extremely efficient and make the most of every dollar that you donate. If you’re not sure where to donate locally, consider an organization such as Feed My People or Operation Food Search that help get money and food to people in your local communities.


Order Takeout or Buy Gift Cards from Local Restaurants

Using some of your stimulus payments to order takeout or buy gift cards would be an excellent investment in your community to keep these restaurants going in a difficult situation.


Give to Someone Really in Need

Be overly cautious that you’re giving to someone who really needs it. But if you are convinced, this is about as good as an “investment” in another person as you can make.


Order Pizzas for Your Local Hospital Staff

Ordering pizza for your local hospital staff is more about providing a gesture of appreciation than providing nourishment.


Donate to a Local Church

A good church can have a significant impact on a local community. Many churches serve a great need of food, shelter, and clothing. When we were trying to figure out where to attend church as a family, one of the most important factors to us was finding a church that was generous and out in the community making a difference.


Hire a Landscaper or Contractor

Maybe you have a landscaping project that you’ve been wanting to tackle for years but never got around to it. This may be the perfect opportunity to provide a struggling business with much needed work.


Tip Generously

Our family is tipping a minimum of 30% for any takeout orders or deliveries. These people are risking their health for their jobs and are likely making less money than before, so do what you can to take care of them.


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