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10 Budget-Friendly Grocery Stores to Save Money in 2023

The term “cheapest grocery store” does not have to come with a negative undertone. There are plenty of cheap grocery stores that still provide a high-quality selection of groceries.

The following ten stores made the cut of cheapest grocery stores. Out of the 50+ grocery stores included in the survey.

Shoppers use dash carts, shopping carts with a touchscreen, barcode scanner, cameras, and various sensors to count items placed and removed from the cart automatically.


Amazon Fresh



Lidl is closer to a Trader Joe’s than Aldi. While all three have a no-frill and zero waste approach, Lidl offers more low-priced gourmet foods.

Walmart Neighborhood Market


They focus primarily on three essential products – groceries, pharmacies, and fuel. There are nearly 700 Walmart Neighborhood Market stores nationwide.

Trader Joe’s

Like Aldi, you will not find many brand-name items at Trader Joe’s. It’s one of the ways Trader Joe’s keeps costs low. 



Like other cheaper grocery stores, Costco keeps its prices low through private label brands, such as Kirkland, while also efficiently distributing.


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