Best Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

The rising cost of college tuition continues to result in individuals taking out a record amount of student loans. As a result, student loans continue to be a significant barrier for young families.

In addition, student loans play a role in millennials delaying major life events such as purchasing a home or having children.

Even though $50,000 in student loans is a lot, it could have been much more.

$50,000 in Student Loans

The 20 hours per week internship paid for my tuition and $800 per month. Combined with my weekend server/bartender job, I fully supported myself through grad school.

Graduating College Debt Free

Three Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

These may seem like common sense suggestions, but it amazes me how few people decide to do them.

I know community college isn’t the full college experience. However, community college allows a much cheaper option for your first two years of college.


Consider Going to Community College

Consider an In-State or Lower Cost University

I graduated from one of the lowest-ranked schools in my state. Yet, I’ve never found this a barrier to my career growth.


Look for Scholarships

It will take work to get a scholarship or grant, but the payoff can be huge. So the moral of the story is to keep an eye out for scholarships that fly under the radar.


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