Vanguard vs. Blackrock Funds: Is One Better Than the Other?

 If you’ve taken steps to build a solid financial foundation and are now investing in a brokerage account, then you’ll probably end up doing just fine whether you invest in Vanguard or Blackrock.


Vanguard launched the first index mutual fund in 1976. Over the years, they have expanded into exchange-traded funds (ETF) and target-date funds, all while keeping fees around their funds low.


Blackrock also played an essential role in helping to navigate the financial crisis by working with other firms to value mortgage-backed securities properly.

Who Owns Vanguard and Blackrock?

Vanguard has a unique ownership structure where the clients own the company, and no outside owners seek to profit from the company’s investments.

Should You Invest in Vanguard or Blackrock Funds?

From the comparison above, you see there aren’t significant differences between similar Vanguard and Blackrock funds.

Your decision on where to invest your money may come down to other factors such as the convenience of their platform or other services on how you use either company.

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