5 Highest-Paid Athletes In the World for 2022 

Some may argue that these sports superstars are grossly overpaid. Their on-field income, such as players’ salaries, perks, and bonuses, is supplemented by product endorsements, corporate sponsorships, and appearance fees.

We’ve written a list of the richest athletes but here we take a look at who is the highest-paid and what sports they’re involved with. We will look at this elite group to find out what helps make them tick.

Roger made $90 million from sponsors and endorsements, alone, despite having a knee injury. That surely tells you something about how in-demand this man is.

Roger Federer: Tennis Player

His total wealth amounts to $82 million; $70 million is from his salary and winnings, leaving the remaining $12 million from endorsements.

Lewis Hamilton: Formula One Racer

His salary of $45 million, plus $31 million in endorsements, makes this highest-paid athlete’s annual income $76 million.

Tom Brady: Football Quarterback

Durant’s endorsements are $44 million – much more than his $31 million salary, making it close a close race with NFL legend, Tom Brady.

Kevin Durant: Basketball Players

His sponsors include Under Armour, which launched a brand named after him. His total endorsements amount to $40 million, while he takes home a salary of $34.5 million. 

Stephen Curry: Basketball Player

Raking in about $55 million from endorsements, Naomi had an accumulated wealth of $60 million just last year.

Naomi Osaka:  Tennis Player