How To Get a Cheap Rental Car for Your Next Trip

Planning a vacation or trip can be a fun anticipatory experience. Maybe you are trying to decide between getting a cheap rental car and picking something a bit more fun.

Check Aggregator Sites

Aggregation sites are an excellent place to get started. This will give you an idea of where the value might be in a specific market at a particular time.

Book Economy

Economy cars are the lowest rate available in a car rental. Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to be completely booked.

Consider Alternative Car Classes

Often SUVs are the most expensive option for the same relative specs. For instance, many SUVs might be the same size as a mid-sized sedan or a full-sized vehicle.

Avoid the Airports

The airport location can charge anything from a few extra dollars per day to low double digits. These differences can add up on an extended reservation.

Costco Membership

Costco membership is one of the most accessible group rates to be a part of because Costco membership has so many other benefits.

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