Three Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

The rising cost of college tuition continues to result in individuals taking out a record amount of student loans. As a result, student loans continue to be a major barrier for young families.

$50,000 in Student Loans

In 2012 my wife graduated with her teaching certificate and had accumulated nearly $50,000 in student loans.

Graduating College Debt Free

In graduate school I found a school with a great internship program. The 20 hour per week internship paid for my tuition along with $800 per month. Combined with my weekend server/bartender job I was able to fully support myself through grad school.

Three Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

Below are three suggestions to reduce the cost of college. These may seem like common sense suggestions, but it amazes me how few people decide to do them. I know the cost of college continues to increase but if you have some flexibility and drive you can still attend college at a reasonable cost.

1) Consider Going to Community College 

Community college allows a much cheaper option for your first two years of college. Community colleges are not available in every state, though there are other states where community colleges are completely free.

2) Consider an In-State or Lower Cost University 

The name of the school on your diploma really doesn’t matter. It may help you to get your first job. However, after a few years a history of achieving results, the ability to build effective relationships, and your professional network will help you advance.

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