11  Best Ways to Use Stimulus Payments to Help Your Community

There is a third category of individuals that may not necessarily need the stimulus money to get by or build an emergency fund.

If you fall into this third category you may feel inclined to put your stimulus payments into your savings or brokerage account to pad savings or increase investments.

While hiring a contractor to do work inside your house may be complicated given the social distancing guidance, this may be a great time to hire someone to do work outside of your home.

Hire a Landscaper or Contractor


I know we can’t tip everyone behind the scenes, but there are several on the front lines where we can show our generosity.

Tip Generously


With all of us stuck at home and not doing so great, having someone dress up in a Batman costume seems like it could be fun.

Buy a Costume of Some Kind – Maybe Batman


A few examples include individuals with drug or alcohol disorders or homeless transgender people.

Find Organizations that Work with the Most Marginalized People


Let’s not forget about our four-legged friends either. Many animal shelters have been shut down which means more animals on the streets and in foster homes.

Donate to a Local Pet Pantry


Existing pet owners may also be struggling to not only feed their human family members but also their pets. Donations to a local pet pantry may allow families to get by until they can get back on their feet.

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