Important Skills to Learn From Collecting Baseball Cards

Negotiating with others has been one of the most important skills learned from collecting baseball cards.

Collecting baseball cards also helped me understand the risks involved with valuing future assets and better control my emotions in business situations.

Becoming a solid negotiator only comes with experience. At times, it was intimidating to walk up to someone three times my age and try to strike a deal.

Negotiation Skills

However, those skills learned at a young age have transitioned to many different aspects of my life.

Determining Future Value of an Asset

Like any asset, its value can be wiped out overnight. However, you can make all of the right calls to determine the future value of an asset.

This is important to keep in mind. Sure, you should use all of the available information, but be sure to diversify since predicting the value of a future asset can be unpredictable.

Eliminating Emotions from Decisions

When you get involved in a passion project, separating the emotion from the business aspect can be challenging.

You hear this all of the time with real estate investors. However, many investors are successful because they can take the emotion out of decision-making.

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