How to Reduce College Expenses Other Than Tuition

It’s not uncommon to equate college expenses with tuition. While affording your school’s degree program is vital to your attendance, those aren’t the only costs you’ll have to cover. 

Such expenses might include housing, food, transportation, communications, laundry, school supplies, textbooks, and entertainment.

Many companies and brands will provide products for free in exchange for your review. Whether it’s a travel-sized lotion or a new backpack, it’s one college expense you don’t have to cover.

Free Products, Services, And Entertainment


There are affordable yet healthy staple dishes you can make. Smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, yogurt, eggs, or fresh fruit are all easy and affordable breakfast options.

Stick To Staple And Affordable Meals


It’s best to try and find another student or young adult as their schedules and lifestyles will accommodate yours.

Find A Roommate


Students can find everything from housing and gym memberships to laundry services and employment information in the campus resource center or by contacting the student services department. 

Access Student Resource Centers


Current college students can also apply for scholarships. Since this is essentially free money, it’s the most efficient way to cover your college expenses.

Continue Applying For Scholarships