Financial Pilgrimage

How to Make Money with Wholesale Real Estate

Real estate investing can come in many different strategies. The industry is massive and has many other asset classes, hold times, and business models you can implement.

 If you want to excel and make it big with a handsome flipping houses salary, you’ve got to understand the steps involved during the wholesale real estate process. 

When it comes to researching the market, you have several different options, and the more creative your approach, the better your outcomes will be. 


Research the market

Ways to Market to Sellers


A more savvy and innovative way to market to sellers is to run your own marketing campaign online.  You start by building a website touting your services, skills, and expertise in the real estate market.

Make A Potential Buyers List


In addition to connecting with people in your social networks and real estate meetings, reach out to individuals listing properties for lease or rent. 

The Agreement

An agreement is a legal contract that defines the terms of purchase between the seller and you, the wholesaler.


Find a Buyer

The process of finding buyers is very similar to finding sellers in wholesale real estate.  The name of the game here is all about networking and connecting with the right people.


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