How to Create a Budget-Friendly Healthy Meal Plan

There’s no denying it. Meal planning takes work. And when you are on a strict budget and want to make healthy meals for your family, meal planning may seem daunting.

The first step in creating a healthy meal plan for your family is committing to regular meal planning. Here are tips to help you stick to meal planning for long-term success.

Check your grocery store ads for sales once you plan meals around what you have on hand. Then, plan the remainder of your meals based on foods on sale that week.

Meal Plan Around Sales


There are many ways to use up leftovers, even if you don’t have enough of them to feed your family a second time. 

Use Your Leftovers


Strive to use seasonal produce in your meal plan. Check the frozen aisle first if you need out-of-season produce for a particular recipe.

Use In-Season Produce


If you plan to buy in bulk, keep a list of the food you frequently purchase and the food’s lowest price to help you spot deals.

Buy in Bulk


If you are trying to keep food costs low and make cheap meals for your family, eliminating meat from at least one meal a week can help.  

Eat One Meatless Meal Per Week