Flipping Houses via the Live-in Flip: Pros and Cons

Flipping houses requires an investor to find a great deal, fix it up, and then have a resale value higher than the original price plus repair costs.

Flipping Houses via the Live-In Flip

Whether you decide to move every few years or live there for ten years before upgrading to your dream home.

Pros of Flipping Houses Via the Live-in Flip

No Income Tax Due When You Sell You would be exempt from paying any taxes on the increased price compared to the purchase price.

Multiple Exit Strategies

Flipping houses via a live-in flip is the focus of this post, but that doesn’t mean it has to be your only exit strategy.

Cons of Flipping Houses Via the Live-in Flip

You May Have to Move Often Moving may not be as complicated if you are single or married without kids, but it could be more difficult as your family grows.

The Pros and Cons of Flipping Houses Via the Live-In Flip

House flipping via the live-in flip could help you to get involved in real estate investing.

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