Great Ways to Make Money as a Kid

It goes to show that making money as a child is 100% possible. While you may never earn as much as Kaji, his example proves that having limited miles on the odometer of life doesn’t stop you from earning a living.

In fact, thanks to the internet, there have never been so many ways to make money as a kid. So are you searching for ideas and inspiration to do exactly that?

“Flipping” simply means reselling something at a profit. It is a perfect option for anyone (no matter how old you are!) with an entrepreneurial side.

Flipping Items


And it can be a quick way to make money and learn a thing or two about business in the process. Give it a go by attending yard sales in the local area.

The best part of selling your possessions is that, unlike flipping, there’s no initial cost involved. In other words, it’ll take less time to get more cash in your pocket.

Selling Your Things


Washing cars isn’t the most glamorous option on this list- but it is one of the fastest ways to make money as a kid.

Cleaning Cars


If you can sing like an angel, play an instrument like a pro, or simply have a passion for music, then consider following in their footsteps.



Put on a show at your local high street, and you could be receiving donations in no time. And remember, busking isn’t just for musicians. Street performers of all kinds make a living this way.

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