Free Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Finding the perfect font is not only challenging, it can also be expensive too. Paying for every typography you think could work with your design adds up quickly.

The best free fonts to use will depend on the vibe you’re going for and the demographic you’re trying to reach. No matter what you are using them for, however, the following fonts are always great to have on hand.

This Sans-Serif font’s readability makes it a perfect choice if you’re designing product packaging, web design, and other projects that require a font that pops out even from afar.


The Norwester came to life through Jamie Wilson, a Twilio developer. Unlike Newake, it is thinner and more condensed. Plus, it has unique designs for glyphs and letters.


This font family also has a larger number of glyphs (508 glyphs, to be exact), five weights (extra light to extra bold), and five styles (extra light italic to extra bold italic). 


As the name suggests, the Public Sans font is open to the public and can be downloaded to your computer without a hassle. 

Public Sans

Sometimes we want a little more style and variety. Thankfully, there’s always Atami. The Atami, one of the few 3D fonts, is perhaps the most versatile sans-serif font on this list.