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Family Vacation Essentials List

There is not only a health benefit to vacations (both mental and physical) but allowing your child to experience different ways of life in other countries is a gift and perspective that will last a lifetime.

While saving money for a vacation and packing for your vacation can seem stressful, they’re both well worth it in the end to have the experience.

From daily medications and supplements to pacifiers or white noise machines for sleeping, ensure you’ve got a list of any everyday item a family member can’t live without.


Everyday Items 



Pack things like nuts, dried fruit, jerky, and snack bars. You don’t have to have a whole day’s worth of food, but snacks can make a difference in your family’s mood while traveling together. 

Light Layers 


Save room in your luggage by wearing layers on the plane, even if you take them off, a folded sweatshirt can make a comfy pillow in a pinch!

Fancy Footwork 

Make sure you have the proper footwear for everyone to stay comfortable and not get tired.


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