Experts Share Their Best Money Advice for Kids

There are a million things to worry about when raising children. Often teaching our kids about money doesn’t rise to the top of the list.

Sometimes we have to turn to others for advice. Such as in this article where seven experts share their best money advice for kids.

This simple exercise can help a teenager delay gratification and better understand how interest works.

Make Their Money Work For Them


It’s not necessarily about depriving your kids of toys, but getting them to be thoughtful about why they want something.

Embrace Minimalism


You turn your time into money. Don’t let “excess” money turn into things without careful deliberation. Turn it into your time, your only non-renewable resource.

Use Money to Buy Your Time


It’s been a long time since I was a kid, and to connect with our kids on topics such as money, we need to be able to think like them.

Think About What You’d Tell Yourself as a Child


Being smart may help you achieve a higher income, which is essential. However, that isn’t enough.

Being Smart is Not Enough to Win with Money


The challenge is, as a parent, if you don’t talk about money regularly, how will your children even learn to understand how to use it?

Talk Openly About Money


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