800 Credit Score After Paying Off Debt

You’ll learn more about how we continue to maintain an 800 credit score despite being completely debt-free for two years if you read on.

Our family followed the Dave Ramsey approach to becoming debt-free. Overall, I like his baby steps to achieving financial freedom. However, I don’t love all of his tactics.

We were paying all kinds of bills to pay back our debt. Creditors loved us because we had a lot of debt and were good at paying it back.

How We Built an 800 Credit Score

How We Maintain an 800 Credit Score

Don’t miss any payments, keep your balances low relative to overall credit, and show a history of paying your debts.

Despite making a few foolish financial decisions along the way, we never missed a payment on any of our debts. This is the most critical aspect of maintaining a high credit score.

My Take on Credit Cards in General

The stats show that a high percentage of credit card holders end up carrying a balance and paying that high-interest rate.

An 800 Credit Score without Debt

To have an 800 credit score, the absolute best thing you can do is pay your bills on time, every time.

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