Can You Become Financially Independent with Kids?

Kids are expensive. Nobody ever says they will have kids to help speed up their journey to financial independence. That is not the reason anyone would decide to have children.

There are many things bigger in life than pursuing financial independence. If we don’t take time to experience the joys of life, then what’s the point of financial independence?

Ensuring that my children are in a safe and loving environment to thrive takes top priority. It’s no longer just about my happiness; it’s collectively what’s best for the family.

Changing Your Money Mindset With Kids

Expenses When Pursuing Financial Independence with Kids

These expenses alone can easily account for thousands of dollars in expenses per month.

We’ve elected to put $200 per month into 529 accounts to save for college. This amount will not be nearly enough to pay for our kids’ college, but at least it’s a little something.

Saving for College

If he continues this trend, activities will get more expensive. I don’t think he’ll ever play on super costly travel teams.

Sports and Other Activities

We could choose not to travel and would probably achieve financial independence a few years faster, but that’s not worth it.

Travel Expenses

Many families have become financially independent with children. But, there are many others, like us, who are in pursuit.

The important thing when pursuing financial independence is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Small steps add up to huge wins over time.

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