Maintain an 800 Credit Score After Paying Off Debt

You’ll learn more about how we continue to maintain an 800 credit score despite being completely debt-free for two years if you read on.

Not having a credit score can prevent someone from getting a reasonable mortgage rate or a job. In addition, more companies these days are running credit checks on new employees.

The 800 plus credit score built up over time by paying our bills timely, keeping our revolving debt low, and having several sources of credit.

How We Built an 800 Credit Score

We never missed a payment on any of our debts. Paying on time is the most critical aspect of maintaining an 800 credit score.

How We Maintain an 800 Credit Score

Convenience, cashback, travel reward bonuses used in emergencies, and the ability to build a credit score are some examples.

My Take on Credit Cards in General

There isn’t much additional benefit once your credit score gets above 720 or so. With that being said, having a high credit score does come with perks. 

800 Credit Score Benefits

To have an 800+ credit score, the absolute best thing you can do is pay your bills on time, every time.

An 800 Credit Score without Debt

Of course, other factors are at play, such as credit card utilization (how much-approved credit are you using), length of credit and payment history, total accounts, and several hard inquiries.